Core Deliverables

Leadership Development Programs

Blue Sky Leadership is a consulting firm that believes that leadership is core to the success of any company or organization. Blue Sky Leadership believes that blue sky organizations have Blue Sky Leaders: high-performing executive leadership. We believe flourishing leaders are Leaders of Vision with Clarity which brings healthy organizational culture.

Because Blue Sky Leadership is so deeply committed to leadership and leadership development we have created two types of leadership development. 

Cohort-Based Leadership Development

Blue Sky is excited to introduce Blue Sky Leadershops – non-credentialed leadership development programs tailored to individuals and organizations looking for leadership development. 

Blue Sky Leadershops are arranged with small cohorts of 6 to 8 people and categorized by stage of leadership expertise:  

  1. Leaders who are not yet leaders: Take the next step towards leadership with Blue Sky guidance.  (5-day program)  
  2. New-to leadership: Avoid those first year mis-steps and get it “right” from the beginning.   (12 sessions a year)  
  3. Expert leaders: You know the benefits of learning from experience. Make those exponential by connecting with other experts and sharing best practices.  (10-12 sessions a year).

Exceler8 Leadership Development

Blue Sky is excited to introduce our Blue Sky Leadership Exceler8 Program. Exceler8 is designed for organizations looking to have an internal leadership development program tailored to their growth and changing needs. Blue Sky works with your leadership/ownership group to design, develop and deploy a comprehensive leadership development program for succession, transition and exponential growth. 

This tailored program will accelerate the leadership and mission for any organization.