Core Deliverables

Strategic Leadership and Support

As a leader, you know it’s rare to think you can get to everything your organization needs and do it well. Blue Sky Leadership knows that high-functioning executives rely on the strengths of others to accomplish their work. 

Some of your work may need outside expertise. Because of this Blue Sky offers a wide range of consulting services. Blue Sky works with Boards, Ownership Groups and Leadership Teams to provide strategic leadership and support on an array of projects and assignments. 

Blue Sky offers you knowledge and expertise in the following areas (not an exhaustive list):

  1. Project management
    1. Facility planning
    2. Fundraising 
    3. Campaign management
    4. Organizational Audit
    5. Vision Casting
  2. Governance Support
    1. Core Value Development
    2. Leadership Reviews
    3. Core Value Development 
    4. Policy Writing and Review 
    5. Strategic planning
    6. Budgeting support
    7. Head Hunting
  3. Staff Development 
    1. Innovative thinking protocols
    2. Design thinking 
    3. Conflict management and resolution